What Tsukenjima Sea Crews Has to Offer

1 Exciting is an understatement

We provide a wide range of selection of marine activities. From the classic banana boat and thrilling tube rides, we ensure a day of boundless laughter!

STAFF Kiyuna

Nice to meet you all!
I’m Kiyuna, one of the staff members at Sea Crews.
We are here to ensure you have the best experience possible.



2 A Safe Haven for Women and Kids!

Our beach offers a secure environment supervised by staff. Tsuken Island’s land structure allows it to shield Tumai beach from strong winds making it calm and ideal for children to to enjoy.




We have set up a Powder Room for female only. This space offers various amenities as well as blow dryers and hair iron, all available for free.
*Hair dryer: ‘Repronizer 7d plus’ & hair Iron: ‘Hair Beurlon 7d plus

Female only Powder room

Popular Plans at Sea Crews
(food included)

Recommended plan

Choose Meal & Activity Options

  1. (1) Curry or Okinawa Soba
  2. (2) Banana Boat
  3. (3) Marble, Poparazzi, or Hurricane
  4. (4) Clear Kayak or Clear SUP
  • Recommended additional option:
  • Upgrade the meal to a BBQ (+¥2,200, child +¥1,100)
  • Add Boat Snorkeling (+¥4,600, child +¥3,400)
Activity Plan

Choose Meal & Activity Options

  1. (1) curry or Okinawa soba
  2. (2) banana boat
  3. (3) Mable or poparazzi or Hurricane
  4. (4) fly board
  5. (5) wake board
  • * For reservations involving children aged 12 and under, please contact us for further assistance.
  • Other options
  • Change your meal to BBQ(+¥2,200
  • Add Boat Snorkeling (+¥4,600
STAFF Kiyuna

We have different types of plans available for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the plans, please feel free to contact us.

Sea Crews BBQ and location

Enjoy a nice BBQ without have to prepare in advance! Enjoy a nice BBQ without have to prepare in advance!


No need to prepare because everything is prepared at Sea Crews! Enjoy a barbecue on the terrace with an amazing view of the ocean. Our menu includes everything from meats to noodles like somen and Okinawa soba, as well as curry and more.

Come see the emerald green water that you can only find at Tsuken Island!

Sea Crews is located at Tumai beach, where it is one of the most crystal clear beaches you will see.
You can easily access to Tumai beach by taking our free shuttle bus from Tsuken Port to the beach.

STAFF Kiyuna

At Sea Crews, we offer a wide range of marine activities, BBQ, and the island’s crystal clear ocean, all for you to enjoy. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask us anytime through our website.

Group photo
deep sea
Tropical Paradise

A day trip schedule

08:30Head to Heshikiya Terminal

Once you have reached Heshikiya Port, free parking is available and please purchase your boarding pass at the ports waiting area.

Head to Heshikiya Terminal

09:00Departing from Heshikiya Terminal

Board the ferry and head to Tsuken Island

Departing from Heshikiya Terminal

09:30Arriving at Tsuken Terminal

Our staffs will pick you up from the port.

Arriving at Tsuken Terminal

09:40Arrival at the Beach

You have reached Tumai Beach

Arrival at the Beach

10:00Start Plan

You can choose to start with BBQ or any activities

Start Plan

16:30Finish Plan

Head back to Tsuken port using our shuttle

Finish Plan

17:40Reaching Heshikiya

Thank you for coming!

Reaching Heshikiya

If you have any questions or concerns

Contact us through


Contact us through


Contact us through
phone call

STAFF Kiyuna

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are looking forward to the day we can meet you!
Our staff is available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Click here to make a reservation
Click here to make a reservation