Directions / Ferry

Directions / Ferryのアイキャッチ

Directions to Heshikiya Port

Head towards Heshikiya Port,located on the eastern side of the central part of Okinawa’s main island, at the tip of the Katsuren Peninsula!

If you find it difficult to locate Heshikiya Port, you can follow the signs for the Kaichu Doro. This will lead you relatively easily to the port.

Heshikiya Port Address: 3784-21 Katsuren Heshikiya, Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture

You can park your car at the free parking lot at Heshikiya Port. Please purchase your ferry boarding ticket at the waiting area.

Ferry Operation Schedule

Vessels (Ferry or High-Speed Boat)
Departing from HeshikiyaDeparting from TsukenBoats
17:308:00High-speed boat
517:0017:30High-speed boat

Please note that there may be a change between high-speed boat and the ferry.

* Recommended ferry schedules
Outbound (from Hirashikiya Port) 9:00, 11:00
Return (from Tsuken Port) 15:00, 17:30

Ferry Fare Table

Round tripOne way
¥1,240 ¥630 ¥650 ¥330
High-speed boat
Round tripOne way
¥1,530 ¥790 ¥800 ¥410

* One child not yet in school is free per adult.
* Middle school students and older are charged the adult rate.
* Groups require a minimum of 15 people.

Ferry Vehicle transportation Fare

Vehicle transportation Fare
Vehicle LengthOne-wayRound-trip
3 – 4m ¥5,000 ¥10,000
4 – 5m ¥6,500 ¥13,000
5 – 6m ¥8,650 ¥17,300
6 – 7m ¥11,100 ¥22,200
7 – 8m ¥13,250 ¥26,500

Transportation of vehicles requires advance reservations.
Please make a reservation by phone before using the service.
[ TEL: 098-978-7008 ]

* One driver is free for each car.
* For special vehicle rates, please inquire.

Directions from Tsuken Port to Sea Crews


We offer free shuttle service from Tsuken Port to the beach.
Our staff will be waiting at the ferry terminal in Tsuken Port.
We sincerely look forward to your visit!

Sea Crews Location: 2629-4 Tsuken, Katsuren, Uruma City, Okinawa