BBQ & Food

BBQ & Foodのアイキャッチ
BBQ & Food

At Tsuken Island Sea Crews, we offer a variety of meal options, including BBQ to Okinawa soba and locally harvested mozuku seaweed from Tsuken Island.

BBQ menu!


Sea Cruise’s special BBQ

A BBQ with a nice views is a great way to enjoy Tsuken Island. Ingredients and BBQ equipment will provided so there is no need to prepare in advance.

Our BBQ menu includes meat and vegetables, along with Tsuken’s local mozuku seaweed. We also offer delicious grilled onigiri and dessert.


BBQ Menu

Adults: ¥3,500 / Children: ¥2,500

* A minimum of 2 adults is required for BBQ participation.

MenuChildren’s menu
Marinated beefMarinated beef
Marinated chickenHamburger
Mozuku seaweedRice balls
Rice ballsVegetables
Yakisoba ot SomenYakisoba ot Somen
Shaved iceShaved Ice

Additional options

Marinated beef

Marinated beef¥1,200

Marinated chicken

Marinated chicken¥600

Marinated vegetable

Marinated vegetable¥600

Agu pig

Agu pig¥1,000

Sausage (4 pieces)

Sausage (4 pieces)¥600

Corn (6 pieces)

Corn (6 pieces)¥600

Hamburger (2 pieces)

Hamburger (2 pieces)¥600

Rice ball (2 pieces)

Rice ball (2 pieces)¥300

* The images shown are for illustrative purposes. Actual products may vary.

Make your BBQ reservation here!
Our popular packages combine BBQ with marine activities for great value. Check out the details on our List of Plans page.

[ Notes ]

  • Adult: individuals that are in Junior high school and above | Child: children that are in elementary or below | Preschooler: Consultation required
    * Children must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.
  • * For BBQ cancellations and changes, please refer to the provided guidelines here.

Food menus

Okinawa Soba
Curry Rice
Fried rice

Fried rice¥1,000

Vegetable soba

Vegetable soba¥1,000



Mozuku somen

Mozuku somen¥1,000

Curry ¥800
Hamburger curry ¥1,000
Fried rice ¥1,000
Okinawa soba ¥800
Vegetable soba ¥1,000
Tsuken Island Arthur soba ¥900
Tsuken Island Mozuku tempura soba ¥1,000
Yakisoba ¥1,000
Somen ¥900
Mozuku somen ¥1,000
Taco rice (hot sauce or ketchup) ¥900
Pork kimchi ¥900
Pork kimchi with rice ¥1,000
Fried vegetables ¥900
Fried vegetables with rice ¥1,000
Loco moco bowl (Hamburger bowl) ¥900
Mozuku Seaweed with vinegar ¥500
French fries ¥700
Chili cheese potato ¥1,000
Chicken nugget ¥700
Karaage fried chicken ¥900
Edamame ¥600
Mozuku seaweed tempura ¥700
Mozuku seaweed tempura rice bowl ¥1,000
Tsuken island Beniimo tempura ¥700
Rice ¥200
Rice / Noodles (large serving) ¥100

Other menus


Shaved ice
Shaved ice(strawberry) ¥400
Shaved ice(melon) ¥400
Shaved ice(lemon) ¥400
Shaved ice(blue Hawaii) ¥400
Condensed milk ¥200
Okinawa Zenzai ¥500
Fruit mango shaved ice (with milk) ¥800


Beer ¥800
Jasmine tea and Shochu ¥700
Oolong tea and Shochu ¥700
Green tea and Shochu ¥700
Shikuwasa sour ¥700
Lemon sour ¥700
Pineapple sour ¥700
Passion fruit sour ¥700
High ball ¥700
Rum and coke ¥800
Tsuken Island Mint Mojito ¥1,000
Awamori and soda ¥700
Non-alcoholic beer ¥400
And additional +¥100 to make it stronger.
Champagne moet & chandon white ¥15,000

Soft drink

Soft drink
Jasmine tea ¥250
Mineral water ¥250
Coke ¥300
Soda pop ¥300
Aquarius ¥300
Oolong tea ¥300
Green tea ¥300
Shikuwasa juice ¥300
Pineapple juice ¥300
Orange juice ¥300
mango juice ¥300
Calpico ¥300
Root beer ¥300
Fresh shikuwasa juice ¥400
Ice coffee ¥400
Tsuken Carrot soda pop ¥500

Bring your own ingredients and rent BBQ equipment!

BBQ Equipment Rentals menu

BBQ grill, gas, iron plate, tongs, spatula
1 table : ¥12,000
(* 2 to 6 people)
* Other equipments will cost ¥200 per item to rent.
* Rental is only available on weekdays from 7/1 to 10/31. (Not available during Golden Week)
* You can bring in food and drinks!
* Garbage disposal fee included
* Seat fee included

Fee for bringing in foods

OK All day long
・For those who order a BBQ course for everyone
Garbage disposal fee : ¥1,000
(1 table)
・Those who do not order a BBQ course for everyone
Carrying fee per person : ¥500
Garbage disposal fee : ¥1,000
(Additional ¥ for each additional table)

Fee for bringing in drinks

OK All day long
Carrying fee per person : usually ¥1,000
* If you order an activity, it will be half price for ¥500 per person.
* Garbage disposal fee included

For those using the campsite

Use of toilet
As equipment maintenance costs
Per person : ¥100
Garbage disposal fee
in groups of 10 people : ¥1,000
We will charge you the above fee.
Please observe good manners and enjoy your stay.